Alia’s story begins during her childhood. She grew up in the Far North region of New Zealand with parents who favoured an organic tranquil lifestyle in a rural setting. The importance of living simply and fully was important to them and they understood the connection between a relaxed environment, an organic lifestyle and general wellbeing. By the time Alia reached her late teens, she knew that she wanted to be a skin therapist. She was especially interested in the connection between lifestyle, diet and skin health and was passionate about the thought of helping people reach their skin health goals.


Alia moved to Auckland to study beauty therapy where she was influenced by some of the best tutors in the industry. After becoming qualified, she gained experience in several credible skin centres within NZ before working on an American-based cruise ship. She then worked as a skin therapist in a top clinic in Sydney before returning home to NZ.


Once back in New Zealand, Alia continued to work in the industry in roles such as business management, business mentoring, staff training as well as carrying out skin therapy treatments for clients.


After eighteen years in the skin therapy industry, Alia opened ME Skin & Body Therapy in 2014 to create bespoke skin treatments and educate clients to better care for their skin holistically. She continues to up-skill every year with ongoing post-graduate training and has won three awards since 2012, including Nimue Therapist Of The Year, which was awarded in 2016 for her passion, knowledge and results achieved in the industry.

Currently ME Skin & Body Therapy is closed as other exciting opportunities have arisen. Please check back later to hear further news of what Alia has been up to!